Vulcane Express Pro Torch


With a heating temperature of 2400°C and power output up to 3.5kw (ø28mm Nozzle) 

 the Vulcane Pro Torch uses its wrap-around turbo flame to optimise heat distribution around

the circumference of the pipe being heated.

  • Its modern design makes it light weight and easy to handle
  • Three position controls for safety - lock/unlock/operating
  • Dual-mode ignition trigger for continuous or intermittant use
  • Built in Piezo ignition which is easily replaced
  • Includes removable stand for hands free brazing


Vulcane Express Pro Torch

Part No. Description
PTV472 Vulcane Express Pro Torch 22mm Burner
PTV478 Vulcane Express Pro Torch 28mm Burner
PTV485 Vulcane Express Pro Torch 35mm Burner

Pro Torch Kits

Basic Kit inludes: Pro Torch, 3 Burner Sizes, Spare Piezo Ignition and Gas Jet)

Part No. Description
PTV471X Pro Torch Basic Kit
PTV471C Pro Torch Kit + 2x MAPP Gas
PTV471XP Pro Torch Kit + Safety Flame Pad
PTV471XPC Pro Torch Kit + 2x MAPP Gas & Safety Flame Pad

Premium Stop Flame Pad

Part No. Description
PTV5450 Premium Stop Flame Pad

Pro Torch Burner Tube

Part No. Description
PTV4714 14mm Burner Tube - Suitable up to 5/8" Copper Tube
PTV4722 22mm Burner Tube - Suitable up to 7/8" Copper Tube
PTV4728 28mm Burner Tube - Suitable up to 1.1/8" Copper Tube
PTV4735 35mm Burner Tube - Suitable up to 1.3/8" Copper Tube

Pro Torch Spare Parts

Part No. Description
PTV47014 14mm Gas Nozzle
PTV47022 22mm Gas Nozzle
PTV47028 28mm Gas Nozzle
PTV4701 Piezo Ignition & Trigger
PTV4770 1.5m Extension Hose
PTV450 Standard Piezo Torch


Part No. Description
MAPP MAP Pro 400gm Gas Cylinder