Pacific Duct

The Pro Pipe 'Pacific Duct' series has been designed for covering insulated copper pipe, drain pipe and electrical cable on an air conditioning installation.

Pacific Duct has been manufactured to be strong and easy to install, saving time on your job site.

Made from rigid PVC, Pacific Duct is UV stabilized and can be easily painted to blend with surroundings.

Pacific Pipe Duct

Part No. Description
PSD7 75mm Duct Capping 2M
PSD10 100mm Duct Capping 2M

Pacific Wall Inlet (2 Piece)

Part No. Description
PSW7 75mm Wall Inlet (2 Piece)
PSW10 100mm Wall Inlet (2 Piece)

Pacific Wall Inlet (1 Piece)

Part No. Description
PSWA7 75mm Wall Inlet (1 Piece)
PSWA10 100mm Wall Inlet (1 Piece)

Pacific 90º Flat Elbow

Part No. Description
PSK7 75mm Flat Elbow 90º
PSK10 100mm Flat Elbow 90º

Pacific 90º Corner Elbow

Part No. Description
PSC7 75mm Corner Elbow 90º
PSC10 100mm Corner Elbow 90º

Pacific 45º Flat Elbow

Part No. Description
PSKF7 75mm Flat Elbow 45º
PSKF10 100mm Flat Elbow 45º

Pacific Ceiling Plate

Part No. Description
PSP7 75mm Ceiling Plate
PSP10 100mm Ceiling Plate

Pacific End Cover

Part No. Description
PSE7 75mm End Cover
PSE10 100mm End Cover

Pacific Joiner

Part No. Description
PSJ7 75mm Joiner
PSJ10 100mm Joiner

Pacific Tee Joint

Part No. Description
PST107 100mm/75mm Tee Joint (Includes Reducers)

Pacific Flexible Joiner

Part No. Description
PSF75 75mm Flex Joint - 500mm
PSF710 75mm Flex Joint - 1000mm
PSF108 100mm Flex Joint - 800mm

Pacific Reducer

Part No. Description
PSDR107 100mm to 75mm Reducer

Wall Plate (2 Piece)

Part No. Description
PSCA7 75mm Wall Plate (2 Piece)
PSCA10 100mm Wall Plate (2 Piece)