Service Accessories

Roughin Box

Part No. Description
RBX1CD Roughin Box Centre Drain
RBX2SD Roughin Box Side Drain


Evaporative Cooler Pump

Part No. Description
SP280 Superpump 24ltr/min
SP380 Superpump 29.5ltr/min
SP500 Superpump 38ltr/min

Single Pole Isolatation Switches

Part No. Description
UKF4120 Isolation Switch 20A Single Pole
UKF4135 Isolation Switch 35A Single Pole
UKF4163 Isolation Switch 63A Single Pole

Double Pole Isolatation Switches

Part No. Description
UKF4220 Isolation Switch 20A Double Pole
UKF4235 Isolation Switch 35A Double Pole
UKF4263 Isolation Switch 63A Double Pole

Three Pole Isolatation Switches

Part No. Description
UKF4335 Isolation Switch 35A Three Pole
UKF4363 Isolation Switch 63A Three Pole

Universal Fan Blades

Part No. Description
VFU612 Small Universal Fan Blade 150-300mm (6-12")
VFU1626 Large Universal Fan Blade 350-600mm (16-26")

Wet Switch

Part No. Description
WS-1 Wet Switch

Nu Calgon A/C Drain Sucker

Part No. Description
61308 Nu Calgon A/C Drain Sucker

Nu Calgon Smoke Pens

Use for testing: ventilation, air balancing, smoke detectors, drafts, leakage and air flow. Comes with one Smoke Pen, six replacement wicks (refills available) and usage instructions. Six sticks will provide up to 3 hours of continuous smoke, or 360 individual 30 second tests.

Part No. Description
61305 Nu Calgon Smoke Pen + 6 Wicks
61306 Nu Calgon Replacement Wicks (6pk)