Aspen Peristaltic Condensate Pumps

Peristaltic pumps offer the ideal solution for condensate removal due to the combination of quietness, reliability and installation advantages.

The Peristaltic rotary movement generates a continuous pressure meaning that the pump can be sited over 15m away from the condensate source with no effect on performance. The pump mechanism does not come into contact with the water and therefore they do not require a filter and will operate quietly wet or dry.


Aspen Standard Peristaltic

Part No. Description
FP2081 Aspen Standard Peristaltic

Aspen Universal Peristaltic

Part No. Description
FP2082 Aspen Universal Peristaltic

Aspen Mechanical Peristaltic

Part No. Description
FP2078 Aspen Mechanical Peristaltic
FP2079 Aspen Mechanical Peristaltic With Alarm