Aspen Mini Condensate Pumps

The Micro-V i4 is the next logical step in pump evolution.

Easy maintenance, quick installation, no breather tube, small sensor with visual pump status diagnostics.

Unrivalled controlled soft start function for truly quiet running and prolonged pump life.

The pump system can be located within the AC case, with the power pack located externally. 

The plug and play sensor gives instant diagnostic feedback via the LED on the top of the sensor case.

Unlike float systems, the sensor can be oriented up to 45º on the x axis, and up to 90º on the y axis.

The Micro-V is the most versatile mini pump on the market.

All backed by a 2 year maintenance free warranty!

Aspen Micro-V Condensate Pump

Part No. Description
FP1200 Aspen Micro-V

Aspen Mini Blanc Condensate Pump

Part No. Description
FP1080 Aspen Mini Blanc

Aspen Mini and Maxi Orange

Part No. Description
FP2212 Aspen Mini Orange
FP3313 Aspen Silent+ Mini Orange
FP2210 Aspen Maxi Orange

Aspen Mini and Maxi Lime

Part No. Description
FP3312 Aspen Mini Lime
FP2213 Aspen Maxi Lime
FP3322 Mini Lime Replacement Pack - Pump Only

Aspen Mini Aqua

Part No. Description
FP2406 Aspen Mini Aqua
FP3326 Aspen Silent+ Mini Aqua