Aspen Xtra Accessories

Xtra Accessories Kit

Part No. Description
AX0005/P Xtra Accessories Toolbox Kit

Clear Tube to Rigid PVC Drain Pipe

Part No. Description
FP2048 6/10mm Clear PVC to 20mm Drain Pipe
FP2038 6/10mm Clear PVC to Drain Pipe (Self Sealing)
CPK6 15/20mm Drain Pipe to 6mm Clear PVC Tubing
CPK10 15/20mm Drain Pipe to 10mm Clear PVC Tubing

Peristaltic Tube Kit

Part No. Description
FP1282 Peristaltic Tube Kit

Clear PVC Connectors

Part No. Description
FP2622 6mm Straight Connector
FP2028 6mm 90º Elbow Connector
FP2024 6mm Tee Connector
FP2624 10mm Straight Connector
FP2032 10mm 90º Elbow Connector
FP2030 10mm Tee Connector
FP2020 10mm to 6mm Reducing Connector

Non Return Valves

Part No. Description
FP2628 6mm Non Return Valve
FP2630 10mm Non Return Valve

90º Long Arm Elbow 12mm-16mm

Part No. Description
FP2006 Split A/C outlet to Mini Pump - 12mm to 16mm

Ducted A/C to 15mm Pipe Adaptors

Part No. Description
FP2011 Rubber Adaptor 16mm to 15mm Drain Pipe
FP2012 Rubber Adaptor 26mm to 15mm Drain Pipe
FP2013 Rubber Adaptor 32mm to 15mm Drain Pipe

Ducted A/C to 20mm Pipe Adaptors

Part No. Description
FP2042 Rubber Adaptor 16mm to 20mm Drain Pipe
FP2044 Rubber Adaptor 26mm to 20mm Drain Pipe
FP2046 Rubber Adaptor 32mm to 20mm Drain Pipe

Drain Pipe to Waste Pipe Adaptors

Part No. Description
FP2017 15mm PVC Drain to 32mm Waste Pipe
FP2018 15mm PVC Drain to 40mm Waste Pipe

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Part No. Description
FP2050 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 10-16mm
FP2052 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 16-25mm
FP2054 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 23-35mm